Principal Lighting Design Engineer
Winona, Minnesota
Position status
Full time
Reference ID
Job tasks
  • The Optical Development Engineer is responsible for supporting BCS-AIS efforts to achieve and maintain a world class status as related to lighting design and optical engineering.  He/she will work closely with Product Development teams to support their optical design requirements during any/all phases of the products life:


          • Cost Estimation:   Interpret customer requirements for lighting appearance.  Based on information provided, they may be asked to estimate quantity, type, luminance power, and color of LED sources and light guides necessary to meet customer requirements.
          • Design Development:  After business award, will work with the product design team to optimize the design.  Support may include suggestions on the quantity, location, and type of optical sources, directors, reflectors, diffusion, etc. required to meet customer requirements.
          • Design Simulation:  Develop simulation models of optical system utilizing 3D CAD provided by the product design team.  These models should provide enough accuracy to verify the design prior to tooling release.  Accurate optical modeling will require proficiency in the 3D CAD and optical analysis software used by BCS. 
          • Production Support:  Support VA/VE and 6 sigma efforts on products in production.  This may include suggestions for improvements in optical design, materials or processes that will reduce product cost and/or improve manufacturing efficiency. Provide product analysis support for lighting appearance issues that may arise after product launch.
          • Continuous Improvement:  Conduct design verification studies and reports on products they are responsible for.  Compare simulation results to actual performance.  Identify and if possible, correct any deficiencies in the simulation models to match actual part performance.  Communicate knowledge gained through published reports and apply that knowledge to improve future simulation models.
          • R & D CORE:  Support CORE R&D projects to advance the capabilities of GBCS lighting design.
Job requirements
  • Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Physics required plus a minimum of eight years’ experience in backlit product design and development. 
  • Candidate should be able to understand and describe the optical illumination systems of BCS-AIS products.
  • Proficiency in 3D CAD design is required.
  •  Experience with optical simulation software is preferred. 
  • Strong background in problem solving and statistical analysis is preferred.