After already long paths, a new and exciting road lies ahead of us now.

BCS Automotive Interface Solutions combines the experience of a long-standing automotive supplier with a history of almost 70 years and 5,000 employees globally with the excitement of a newly established business based on the recent move to become a standalone company. Read the whole story of our early beginnings, our position today and our vision for the future.

How we became who we are.


The history of BCS Automotive Interface Solutions goes back until 1949 when Werner Messmer founded Messmer Radolfzell, today’s facility in Radolfzell, Germany. In the 1970s, the US American automotive supplier TRW acquired first Werner Messmer and shortly after that SIPEA in Italy.


Lucas Industries, a British manufacturer of automotive and aerospace components acquired Kelsey-Hayes in the US in 1994. That entire business was assumed by TRW in 1999.


Until 2012, BCS Automotive Interface Solutions consisted of two regional business units, Body Control Systems North America and Body Control Systems Europe & Emerging Markets. In that year it became a global business.


With that, starting to focus on company culture, our vision ‘Be the global leader in automotive interface solutions’ was established and will continue to be our long-term goal.


In 2015, the German automotive supplier ZF Friedrichshafen acquired TRW. During that time from then to now, the BCS business has started to put high attention to the changing automotive market and to invest into new technologies.


How we became who we are

Who we are.


Since end of April 2018, BCS Automotive Interface Solutions is a standalone company. BCS stands for Body Control Systems which has been the name of the business during the time when it belonged to bigger corporations.


BCS Automotive Interface Solutions is an automotive supplier specialized in solutions for the vehicle interior to ensure a safe and comfortable control of the car by the driver. It has more than 5,000 employees and is operating locations and engineering centers in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Being present in 13 countries with 11 manufacturing facilities and 11 Sales and Engineering locations, BCS Automotive Interface Solutions has a footprint in all automotive relevant regions and support its customers globally. In 2018 it generated a revenue of 1.07 billion US dollar.


After a successful first presentation of ‘Surf ‘n Curve’, a holistic interior concept of a future, automated driving vehicle, at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, BCS Automotive Interface Solutions demonstrated those technologies in drivable cars at CES 2019.



Surf and Curve 2019

Where we are heading.


The vision to ‘Be the global leader in automotive interface solutions’, already created in 2013, is our long-term target. To achieve this, our mission is to shape technologies and features used in tomorrow’s vehicle interior. The image of the ‘mobile living room’ supports the idea to create a high level of comfort to guarantee wellbeing, and to create safety to ensure trust into the technologies used in the vehicle interior controls. BCS Automotive Interface Solutions focuses on getting innovative ideas in drivable vehicles. This allows to really experience new technologies – and those might already be in your next car.