Advanced Human Interface Solutions

The automotive market experiences one of the most significant changes ever: With the progressing development towards automated and autonomous driving, the whole industry is on the move.

As an expert for control systems in the vehicle interior BCS Automotive Interface Solutions understands the significant change of requirements on those products. Therefore, Advanced Human Interface Solutions (AHIS) has been established to develop innovative human machine interfaces (HMI) for the future. The differentiating element is to always put the human being and its cognitive and mental capabilities into the center. That means to always focus on create trust in the technologies rather than to overload the human being with the technological advancements.

A first step into this direction is Surf ‘n Curve, a holistic vehicle interior concept for an autonomously driving car which was presented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2018 for the first time. It offers future solutions for:

  • A Revolutionary Mirror Replacement System
  • A Unique Way of Lateral Control
  • Intuitive Comfort Control
Innovations on drivable cars